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Much of my work includes organic elements as a focal point or anchor, such as, flowers, branches, leaves, or shells, while the backgrounds evolve from a series of colorful grids and patterns intertwined with the main subject.


The organic elements, and abstract patterns support and engage each other through balance, tension, repetitive patterns and color. The relationship is one that moves from detailed order to colorful chaos,
much like nature itself.


Recently, I’ve found myself more compelled by the abstract backgrounds. They seem to be coming forward to tell their own rich story.

Subjects that compel me to create are common points of beauty: canyons, wooded paths, a riverbed or the water’s edge.


The places many of us have hiked or floated past. The essence of our shared experiences is what I hope to capture and share in my work.


I am visual artist from Minneapolis MN, wandering this world with 
my ridiculously talented husband, Gary Bingner.


He is my secret weapon.
Quasimodo Advertising and Hold Tight Video.




Photo, Ray Klempka @Dillman's Bay Resort.

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