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Minneapolis MN artist Pam Luer.

“I have been an artist my entire life. Staying connected to nature has been an uninterrupted theme of my work. I completed my BFA in Studio Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota with an associate degree in graphic design from Madison Area Technical College, Madison WI.


Most of my art career has been spent working within very large formats, including six foot fruits and vegetables. My medium has evolved throughout the years from pastels and house paint on rolls of museum grade sandpaper to intimate sketchbooks filled with nature themed motifs. Searching for beauty and stillness, remaining connected to nature is what drives my work.  Sharing my desire to seek connections to nature through my work, lead to the creation of my Nature Sketchbooks workshops. I have been teaching my workshops throughout the country for a number of years. My goal is to ignite a spark and entry point for others. My love of sketchbooks as an art form began nearly 30 years ago after spending three months in Greece. As an artist, my practice of devoting myself to recording this experience in a sketchbook changed how I experience the world.


Much of my work includes organic elements as a focal point or anchor, such as, flowers, branches, leaves, or vegetation, while the backgrounds evolve from a series of colorful grids and patterns intertwined with the main subject. The organic elements,  and abstract patterns support and engage each other through balance, tension, repetitive patterns and color. The relationship is one that moves from detailed order to colorful chaos, much like nature itself. 


The types of subject matter that compel me to create are common points of beauty like canyons, wooded paths, a riverbed or the water’s edge, places many of us have hiked or floated past.


My most recent body of work,The Windshield Series, reflects a personal journey capturing flashes of beauty as I traveled many hundreds of miles to say goodbye to my mother in her final year.  This work was awarded best of show at the MN Hopkins Center for the Arts, toured to Arts Reach in Stillwater MN for an exhibit about Caregivers, Death and Dying.. The essence of a shared experience is what I hope to capture in my work.

I am visual artist from Minneapolis MN, wandering this world with 
my ridiculously talented husband, Gary Bingner.


He is my secret weapon.
Quasimodo Advertising and Hold Tight Video.




Photo, Ray Klempka @Dillman's Bay Resort.

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