Whether I’m out working in the field or in a conservatory filled with plants and flowers, if I want to draw better, I must train myself to see better. To hone my craft requires thoughtful stillness, quiet meditation, and a sincere commitment to my practice.


In this workshop, you’ll learn different ways to approach your subject.
By altering points of view, perspective and composition, your ability to see things differently and connect with your subject will evolve. 


Probably the most important goal in my Nature Sketchbook Workshop
is not a destination (i.e., a perfect finished drawing), but learning to relish the exquisite journey you experience by allowing yourself to slow down, carefully observe and reconnect with nature.


Once you’re comfortable with the materials and have some dedicated drawing time under your belt, beautiful and interesting things will begin to happen in your sketchbook.

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

New classes coming on-site.

Link to register.

July 28th.

Dillman's Bay Resort
August 30 -September 2nd
Forest Floor Concertina - Nature Sketchbooks
Very limited space. Six person class. Plein-air.
Please register asap to secure your spot.





Free Sunday Hour online.


Mendocino Botanical Gardens Fort Bragg CA


Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Chaska MN

Red Mountain Resort St George Utah


Dillman's Bay Resort Lac du Flambeau WI

Everwood Farmstead Glenwood City WI 

Belwin Conservancy Afton MN

Grand Marais Art Colony Grand Marais MN 

Phipps Center for the Arts Hudson WI

Westwood Hills Nature Center St Louis Park MN